The passion behind all we do

Analyn & Raymond Scott are the founders of Breakthrough Health Solutions, LLC and 1in9 Charities, Inc.

Their passion and dedication to educate, empower, and help others comes from their own journey and experiences over the past 22+ years since Raymond’s kidneys failed at the age of 29.

In 2019 the Scott’s co-Authored and published a compilation book titled 1in9 Tribe – Kidney Disease Warriors Beating the Drum of Hope and Change.

Health Solution
health solution

As shared in the 1in9 Tribe book and “Getting To The Root” E-Book , it was truly a gift from heaven that introduced the Scott’s to Microvascular Health Solutions and a solution for Raymond that far exceeded his expectations and proved to be lifesaving to him, and a game-changing puzzle piece in the fight against kidney disease.

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